Angela Nicholas

Spirit Of Deceased Son Guides Portrait Artist Theresa Clower’s Hand

By Angela Nicholas | August 13, 2020

Theresa Clower had never drawn portraits before her son, Devin, joined the hundreds of thousands of lives lost to the American opioid epidemic. The overpowering grief of Devin’s death, she […]

Volunteering Fills A Special Place In Debbie Krumrei’s Heart

By Angela Nicholas | June 20, 2020

Debbie Krumrei gets emotional talking about Safelight and what the organization’s programs mean to trauma survivors who have sought refuge from abuse. Past issues in her own life allows her […]

Lisa McDonald Ties Successful Entrepreneurship With Global Philanthropy

By Angela Nicholas | May 24, 2020

Whether she is collecting coats for the needy outside her micro-brewery and vegan café in Hendersonville, North Carolina, or feeding the hungry in earthquake-torn Puerto Rico, Lisa McDonald constantly shares […]

Jeff Miller’s Respect For World War II Veterans ‘Acquired A Life Of Its Own’

By Angela Nicholas | April 18, 2020

His entire life, Jeff Miller has liked nothing better than sitting at the side of a World War II veteran listening to stories about the war and life after. It […]

Rachel Balson’s Unselfish Donation Gave A Dying Child A Chance

By Angela Nicholas | March 28, 2020

On January 10, 2020, Rachel Balson, 30, of Hendersonville, North Carolina, made a touching post on Facebook: “I sit here with tears of gratitude and amazement in my eyes as […]

Dr. Harold Sims Found Meaning In Retirement By Investing In Cats

By Angela Nicholas | January 31, 2020

A retirement plan by Harold Sims, D.Ed., to open an antiques mall turned into a full-time effort to save cats from being euthanized in local animal shelters. Ironically, instead of […]