Angela Nicholas

Corinne Gerwe Finds Joy Drawing Children Into The Arts

By Angela Nicholas | November 9, 2019

For those around her, Corinne Gerwe, Ph.D., appears as an unassuming, humble retiree with the patience of a saint as she wrangles youth theater participants ranging from elementary to high […]

Peg Skalican Sees Long-Term Value In Community Involvement

By Angela Nicholas | October 18, 2019

Margaret “Peg” Skalican got her start in the realm of volunteerism at an early age when her dad drew her into volunteer work with the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Republican Party. “He […]

Humanitarian Support Is Dear To The Heart Of Angelo Antonucci

By Angela Nicholas | October 3, 2019

Angelo Antonucci earned a bachelor’s degree in biology with intentions of becoming a medical doctor. With the thought of six more years of education after undergraduate school, he refocused his […]

Asheville Artist Cleaster Cotton Uses Art As Means To Uplift Children

By Angela Nicholas | September 18, 2019

Cleaster Cotton is passionate about uplifting underprivileged children who may have never heard the words “good job.” Through her art, the Asheville, North Carolina, resident and contemporary primitive artist reaches […]

A Personal Health Crisis At Age 43 Changed The Course Of Amy Edmunds Life Forever

By Angela Nicholas | August 30, 2019

A personal health crisis at age 43 changed the course of Amy Edmunds life forever and prompted her to spend the greater part of the last two decades advocating for […]

Taught By Example, Dave Moen Learned To Never Say No

By Angela Nicholas | August 21, 2019

Dave Moen said his father instilled in him to never say no when he was asked to do something. “My dad’s rule with us was if someone asks if you […]