Angela Nicholas

Bob Gray Follows In Family Footsteps To Give Back To Community

By Angela Nicholas | August 2, 2019

A rarity perhaps in a town that is home to an estimated 14 million tourists a year, John Robert “Bob” Gray is a Myrtle Beach native who has spent his […]

Media Personality Diane DeVaughn Stokes Gives Back By Volunteering Her Time And Talent

By Angela Nicholas | July 25, 2019

There are people in this world who never seem to have met a stranger. One of those people is Diane DeVaughn Stokes. “As a child my grandmother would say when […]

From Street Gang To War Hero, Bennie Swans Builds Community

By Angela Nicholas | July 19, 2019

A country boy from Buffalo, New York, who was thrust into the Philadelphia city streets filled with gangs, Bennie Swans turned his life around at an early age and focused […]

Brown Bradley’s Musical Talent Provides Cultural Enrichment To The Community

By Angela Nicholas | July 11, 2019

There are many ways that one individual can contribute to the enrichment of the community. In Brown Bradley’s case, it has been through his tremendous musical abilities and his passion […]

Lifting Up The Needy And Downtrodden Is John Bonsignor’s Best Reward For Life’s Work

By Angela Nicholas | July 5, 2019

John E. Bonsignor was born March 25, 1931 in Brooklyn, New York, and he grew up in a family with four brothers. While waiting on an entry letter for college, […]

Retired Veteran Chris Aranda Has A Heart For Helping Vets On And Off The Job

By Angela Nicholas | June 20, 2019

Christopher (Chris) Aranda knows all too well the post military needs of a combat veteran. Having served in Iraq for a year just before his retirement in 2004, he has […]