Recent Profiles

Moved By A Minister’s Sermon, Tabby Shelton Developed Fostering Hope

By Angela Nicholas | April 24, 2019

Tabby and Rob Shelton found Conway, S.C., in a somewhat unusual way but their move there was a road that has led them to foster more than 60 children, adopt […]

Philanthropy For The Thompsons Is A Family Tradition

By Angela Nicholas | April 17, 2019

When Lance Thompson landed a job in Myrtle Beach in 1985, he said he learned quickly about all his new community had to offer. What his community soon learned about […]

Terri DeCenzo Demonstrates Leadership In Philanthropy

By Angela Nicholas | April 10, 2019

As one of six children growing up in Baltimore, Md., Terri DeCenzo learned at a young age that volunteering was of great importance in developing characteristics that increase awareness of […]

Jackie Sgambati Combines Passions To Give Back To Her Community

By Angela Nicholas | March 19, 2019

Jackie Sgambati combines her passion for running and physical fitness with her dedication to volunteerism, blending her interests to create a rewarding lifestyle. The head cross country coach for both […]

Muriel Ward O’Tuel, Ph.D., Developed A Burning Passion For Education

By Angela Nicholas | March 4, 2019

Born into the rural farm life of southeastern North Carolina, Muriel Ward O’Tuel, Ph.D., developed a burning passion for education that has helped her soar higher than she ever thought […]