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Michael Absher Taps Personal Experience To Provide For Homeless Teens

By Angela Nicholas | December 9, 2020

His wasn’t the typical homeless experience. He wasn’t living out in the weather in a cardboard box. He wasn’t cowering under a bridge trying to fight off the elements. He […]

Former Navy SEAL Craig Sawyer Is Passionate To End Child Trafficking ‘Epidemic’

By Angela Nicholas | November 19, 2020

Craig “Sawman” Sawyer has led an interesting life that placed him in situations that would put the fear of God in most people. He served his country in the U.S. […]

Karla Vigil Advocates For Equal Opportunity Through The Equity Institute

By Emma Claire Everett | October 19, 2020

As a person with much insight into the inequity present in education systems, Karla Vigil has lived her life working towards equal opportunity for every student. Through her recent co-founding […]

Jack Oehm Found Renewed Purpose As A Tunnel To Towers Foundation Volunteer

By Angela Nicholas | October 4, 2020

When Jack Oehm retired from his job as a Fire Department of New York battalion commander Oct. 29, 2012, he felt at loose ends. Then Hurricane Sandy happened — a […]

With Little More Than A Name And Idea, Monica Caison Birthed The CUE Center

By Angela Nicholas | September 11, 2020

There may be numerous reasons why Monica Caison has spent the last 26 years volunteering almost every waking minute of her time advocating for missing children and adults and providing […]

Through Philanthropy Dadjie Saintus Strives To Be A ‘Change Agent’

By Emma Claire Everett | August 23, 2020

Dadjie Saintus endeavors to create opportunity in the lives of children that need it. As the philanthropy officer for UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) USA in Washington, D.C., Dadjie uses […]