Recent Profiles

Dr. Justin Dick’s Specialized Scoliosis Treatment Brings Patients Hope

By Emma Claire Everett | August 4, 2020

Justin Dick, DC, acts as a light in the lives of his patients through his specialized chiropractic treatment of scoliosis. As a CLEAR (Chiropractic, Leadership, Educational, Advancement and Research) certified […]

Sapphire Hall Provides Education And Creative Awareness To Students

By Emma Claire Everett | July 23, 2020

Sapphire Hall strives to be a leader in her community as a committed student and passionate volunteer. Founder of Creative Flow, a nonprofit that provides free educational materials to students […]

Volunteering Fills A Special Place In Debbie Krumrei’s Heart

By Angela Nicholas | June 20, 2020

Debbie Krumrei gets emotional talking about Safelight and what the organization’s programs mean to trauma survivors who have sought refuge from abuse. Past issues in her own life allows her […]

Bennett Twins’ Nonprofit Brings Smiles To Young Girls’ Faces

By Emma Claire Everett | June 14, 2020

Adeyela Bennett and her 12-year-old twin daughters have shown that there are amazing possibilities when you reach out to serve the needs in your community no matter who you are […]

Lisa McDonald Ties Successful Entrepreneurship With Global Philanthropy

By Angela Nicholas | May 24, 2020

Whether she is collecting coats for the needy outside her micro-brewery and vegan café in Hendersonville, North Carolina, or feeding the hungry in earthquake-torn Puerto Rico, Lisa McDonald constantly shares […]

Nilo G. Strives To Preserve Dignity Of Those Afflicted By Breast Cancer

By Emma Claire Everett | May 10, 2020

Though at first a simple backyard gathering with a few friends to raise funds for breast cancer patients, THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser (THE BCF) is now a major nonprofit organization […]